Guidelines for Grantees

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve received funding from the IAC! Now what?
Because you have demonstrated a clear and equal partnership with a colleague in the visual and performing arts you will also work closely with someone from our IAC advisory board to assure your event is successful. This colleague will be identified to you at news of your funding. Please include Charlene Watkins in your communication as well.
Here is a checklist for grantees that helps keep our process streamlined and information sharing on a two-way street. If you have questions please reach out to Christina Soriano.

  • CREATION OF A POSTER/FLIER: Does your event require a poster or flier design? If so, we can assist with this. Grantees can work with Steve Morrison, the communications strategist for the arts at WFU. Steve will help make sure the IAC logo is featured on the poster. Please provide visual images/content and work with Steve in a timely fashion to get this up and running.
  • DISSEMINATION OF POSTER/FLIER: If posters are digital only, please coordinate with Steve Morrison to have them distributed on various digital boards throughout buildings on campus. If you wish to have posters printed, consider these costs in your budget requests. Benson’s printing services are approximately $1.25 per color 11×17 poster. Once they have been printed, it is the responsibility of the grantee to pick up the posters and have them distributed throughout campus. Please allow at least ONE full week for their ‘posted life’.
  • IS YOUR EVENT A PUBLIC OR PRIVATE EVENT? If your event is public, it should be on the University calendar ( Click on “submit an event”. Events should also be shared on social media, tagging @wfu_iac and #wakethearts.
  • DOES YOUR EVENT INVOLVE A RECEPTION? If so, consider these costs in your proposal and work with campus catering to arrange the menu and reception set up. Under the Oaks Catering provides on campus catering services. Consider this info on your promotion materials too.
  • DOES YOUR EVENT REQUIRE A PROGRAM? This is the responsibility of the grantee to design and print. Remember to budget for this in your proposal. View a sample program for guidance.
  • DOES YOUR EVENT REQUIRE DOCUMENTATION? Please remember to budget for a videographer or photographer. University photographer Ken Bennet is always someone you can ask, though he is very busy. He may recommend a student photographer or videographer for your event. If your event is in Brendle Recital Hall, Jay Lawson may include this in his fees.
  • PAYMENTS: Please work with Charlene Watkins obtain appropriate budget codes, W-9s, and/or other forms and procedures necessary to process payments.
  • IAC SHOUT OUTS: During the event and leading up to it, please be sure to credit the IAC via announcements or other communication. IAC logos can be found here. Our logo should be displayed prominently at your event and on your materials, and at any future presentation of the work.
  • FINAL REPORT: Please provide a short report within one week of the event, including any photos or other documentation. Final report link can be found here.

Christina Soriano

Director, IAC

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